hear me roar is a part of an unnamed post-abortion network that hears, echoes and understands complex abortion experiences and aids in the healing process. in naming this network i aim to create a post-abortion community. it may also be considered a road map to healing.

the network currently consists of the following entities and organizations:

  • hear me roar project providing space; complex writing; and an in-person support group program post-abortion.
  • exhale pro-voice offering an after abortion talk-line and live conversations about abortion.
  • Kristen Portney @abortioncare, who is helping to de-stigmatize abortion and working as a therapist in Berkeley, CA.

secondary care provider resources:

  • Radiant Moon Medicine offering non-judgmental womb healing care post-abortion. San Francisco, CA.
  • Ashley Gilbert, LMFT specializing in sexual and reproductive trauma. Birmingham, AL.
  • Samantha Zipporah, full-spectrum reproductive knowledge; Patreon community with resources and blog; and trainings for the caregiver community.