gendered terms and terms glossary

besides all the in-text definitions, let me formally break some vocabulary down.

woman, women


feminine (also see femininity)

masculine (also see masculinist)

intergenerational (also see transgenerational, generational)

patriarchy (also see patriarchal)

capitalism (also see capitalist)



independently wealthy



references and resources

yoga / self-care after abortion / providers / help / programs / everything i’ve been able to compile over the years searching – [but make this a simple list?] double linked to the network page, too

organizations doing their thing out here, y’all

  • Native Justice / Indigenous / Autonomy [what is the proper terminology]
  • Environmental Justice
    • Youth Justice (Julianna, Youth Strike, youthvgovernment, Sunrise)
  • Racial Justice
  • Redistributive Economics and Poor People’s Movements
  • Ending Colonialism and Imperialism (aka Ending War)…
  • Access, Options and Health Care Providers (that I actually like…)

a note on how all of this interrelates…

[insert meme on the U.S. army being the biggest polluter on the planet…]

references used in the two year, ongoing build of this organization and site