hear me roar project

about hear me roar project: a post-abortion network. aka roar project. aka hmr. aka hmr project. aka hear me roar network. aka roar network. [nicknames as tags?]

hear me roar project believes that abortion can be a hard / difficult / painful / vulnerable / unbearable / unfathomable / impossible / crushing experience. we believe that those who experience abortion need and deserve a robust network of support post-abortion and strives to build out this resource. [insert footnote]

hear me roar project is building a post-abortion network: an interconnected, organized and centralized web of presence and affirmation, supportive organizations, care providers and resources, self-care ideas, examples of self-expression and more for the (isolated) person searching for help and relief after an abortion experience.

purpose, vision, goals

hear me roar project provides the following, post-abortion:

  • Art
  • Writing
  • Space / Presence
  • Critical Theory / Thought
  • A Summary of / What I’ve Found Guide (a self-documented study of searching; trial and error)
  • Support Groups (coming soon)
new year’s eve art

hear me roar project is conceived of by lily andrews. hmr project is currently an unincorporated entity and the aim of creating a “network” is still in the works. hear me roar will likely be structured as a sole proprietorship but this is yet to develop. roar project currently has no other collaborators, but is supported by the following things:

  • susan chorley and exhale pro-voice
  • the folks listed on the network page
  • independent wealth (also see independently wealthy)

hear me roar project is not a pro-life organization.